In production since 1983, Alaska Dolomite currently employs 150 people from the Chinhoyi area. The dolomarble is mined in open cast quarry. Alaska Dolomite provides agricultural lime of the finest quality, and our product is known for its exceptionally high neutralising factor. The aggregate mined is used in the construction industry across the country.

The Finest Agricultural Lime

Alaska Dolomite produces agricultural lime with an exceptionally high neutralising factor and which is particularly suitable in sandy soil. It has a specifically calculated fineness having been passed through a 200 mesh. This ensures that it gets to work the minute it hits the soil, with minimum loss. It is packaged in high quality, all weather low density polyethylene so be sure to order your agricultural lime now. Some lime products on the market are coarser than others, and in some cases coarse granules may take so long to release their full neutralising potential, that they are of little use to your planned crop.

Our address
  • Approximately 7km west of Chinhoyi
    Adjacent to the Chinhoyi Caves
    Recreational Park
    TEL: 0267 21 22316/22089/21996

Contact details
Phone number
  • 07 3490 8161